We love this stuff! We grew up with it. We sat on the vinyl chairs at the Formica kitchen table, eating meat loaf and mashed potatoes off Melmac plates. We played on the gold and brown shag rugs, while our moms told us to keep our fingers off the Chalet art glass and our feet off the walnut coffee table. Our folks had fondue parties and “happy hour” with the neighbours and played bridge on card tables with chips and dip, and pickled onions on toothpicks, and cocktails on coasters. And, like most kids, we didn’t really appreciate how good we really had it and how “neat” everything really was until we grew up. Then we started collecting … collecting stuff that not only transported us back to our childhood years, but stuff that was well-built and looked great ... stylish, cool, vintage stuff. And pretty soon we had an apartment full of it.

So, what do you do when you’ve collected so much stuff you don’t have any more room for it, but you still love collecting? And what do you do when you decide you want to escape the rat race of Vancouver? Well, you move to Victoria and open up a vintage furniture shop ... at least that’s what we did. We hope you’ll come and visit us at our shop. Relax, buy a coffee at Yoka’s next door, come in and say hi and browse around. Maybe you’ll find that perfect piece you’ve been looking for, or maybe you’ll spot something that transports you back to your childhood.

Cheryl & Jim

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